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Based in New York

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Teacher & Coach

Nourish Your Soul Wellness exists to teach you the fundamental tools to access balance, presence, flexibility and empowerment through mindfulness, nutrition, and supportive, authentic coaching.

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Looking for tips, tricks and advice on how to stay healthy? Then look no further! I will help you navigate the fads and truths behind total body wellness...


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How you treat your body and your mind creates your reality. You will learn how to change your lifestyle and create a plan moving forward that offers the flexibility to live an authentic and happy life redefining your relationship with food and nourishment but most importantly with yourself.

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I started hosting straight out of college, interviewing people on a local level. It was so much fun meeting new people and being able to share their personal stories. Before long I landed work on the production end of TV talk shows. After sharing space with some of the best in the industry, I decided being behind the scenes no longer filled me up. I made the decision to go back to school and pursue a degree in Dramatic Arts. No matter what I did in life, I always wound up interviewing, hosting and covering events. From parades to political debates, even a sports podcast, I was the go to girl! 

Everything I have done both personally and professionally has allowed me to acquire the skills necessary to become a more enthusiastic and impactful host. Even my yoga practice affected my hosting, giving me access to presence, connection and authenticity. Each of these values compliment each other and are essential for my ability to genuinely interact with the person I am sharing the moment with. Implementing presence has been the key to cultivating my talent and skills as a host but most importantly, as a human. As soon as I sit down to conduct an interview or mic up to host a cooking or wellness show, it’s the only place I want to be. 

I am presently obsessed with cooking, competition and home design shows on top of my love for game shows and all things wellness. I have a passion for inspiration because by sharing our struggles and life experiences we have the ability to directly touch the lives of another. It’s that authentic connection that gives us the ability to push someone who is stuck, who has a dream or a passion, to keep striving for it. 


What can I say? I love what I do!


I currently host, produce and edit two of my own shows, am developing two more concepts and have so many more ideas in my head. ​When I'm not working you can find me trying out new restaurants, taking on DIY projects around the house, competing in Jeopardy with my husband for money or playing fetch with my wiffleball obsessed yorkie, Baci.

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