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How you treat your body and your mind creates your reality.


You will learn how to change your lifestyle and create a plan that offers the flexibility to live an authentic and happy life, redefining your relationship with food and nourishment, but most importantly with yourself.


Diets are minimally effective and unsustainable. If you are looking for a quick fix, I am not your girl. While I will never tell you that there are foods you “cannot” have, I believe in creating a whole foods focused way of fueling our bodies – they give us energy, prevent disease and help maintain a healthy weight. 


We will incorporate mindfulness tools to support the changes and help you become present to the places in your life that may be keeping you stuck in patterns that no longer serve you.

Abou The Program

Because every person is unique, through combining nutrition and mindfulness tools, we will establish the ideal personalized solution that will result in you feeling your best both mentally and physically. 


The process begins with gradual, actionable changes that never seem overwhelming, but add up to big results. Teaching you to align body and mind to achieve whole body wellness and live life from a space of empowerment, possibility and true joy. (And when your butt looks better along the way its that much more rewarding!)


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Nourish Your Soul Wellness Testimonial B

Lucille Schiano 

"I took a 6 week Be Yoga Nutrition Program course with Amanda.  I found her to be knowledgeable and interesting.  She taught us to always take note of the ingredients on food labels and to also be mindful of what we are eating. Amanda made this class fun and helpful.  

Thank you Amanda!" 

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